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Ph. D.

There shall be a written test which will consist of two papers:

i. Paper I – Research Methodology
100 marks, Objective type 100 questions of Multiple Choice, Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

ii. Paper II – Research Proposal Specific Paper
This shall not be a written paper. The candidate has to submit a research proposal not exceeding 15 pages on the topic in which the candidate wants to pursue a Ph.D.

The Research Proposal shall contain
a) Title
b) Statement of problem & background information on the subject
c) Research questions,Hypothesis & Methodology; and
d) Research design

The candidates must submit the Research Proposal (three copies) after declaration of AILET-2014 result failing which the candidates will not be interviewed.

Each paper shall carry a maximum of 100 marks. The candidates successful in the written test shall be required to make an oral presentation before the Doctoral Committee on the dates notified by the University.

Categories of Enrolment

Full-time enrolment

i) Enrolment for the Ph.D. Degree shall ordinarily be full-time. The candidate shall put in a minimum of two-years residence of which at least 18 months shall be in the university. There shall thus be provision for the candidate to earn credits for research work done outside the university.

ii) Three years shall be the maximum period in which a full time candidate should complete the work and submit it for evaluation.

Part-time enrolment

There is a provision for part-time enrolment for the Ph.D. Degree.

i) A part-time candidate shall put in a minimum of three years of part-time study in the University including time spent for research at any other place with the permission of the supervisor. The part-time candidate shall put in residence in the University for at least a total period of 6 months spread over the three year period.

ii) Five years shall be the maximum period in which the part-time candidate shall complete the research work and submit it for evaluation.

Conversion either from part-time to full-time or from full-time to part-time is to be permitted only with the approval of the Doctoral Committee.
In cases of both part-time and full-time enrollment the supervisor of the candidate shall ensure monitoring of the research work done by the scholars outside the university campus by insisting on production of adequate proof of work done.

Expiry / Lapse of Enrollment:
Enrollment for the Ph. D. shall be deemed to have lapsed after three years from the date of enrollment in the case of full-time scholars and five years in the case of part-time scholars. In such cases, however, the Doctoral Committee, on the application by the concerned scholar along with the report of supervisor, may give extension of time for a period of six months at a time but for a maximum period of not more than one year.

Course Work:

The scholars should undertake course work for a minimum period of one semester and take three courses. The details of the three courses are as follows:
  • Course on Legal Education and Research, Course focusing on the research area of Ph. D scholar,and Practical Teaching Course
  • The scholars possessing M. Phil./ Ph.D. Degree may be exempted from taking the Research Methodology paper in the course work provided they have completed such a course earlier.
  • The Ph. D scholar shall secure at least 50% marks in each paper.
  • The course work shall be completed within six months from the date of registration.
  • Ph.D. Scholar failing to secure 50% of marks in the courses mentioned above may be provided an opportunity to re-appear one or more times within three months of the publication of results.
  • The Ph. D scholar shall be allowed to continue further research work only after completing the course work as mentioned above.

Eligibility of Teachers for Guiding Research Students:

i. Professor, Visiting Professor with total ten years of teaching experience will be eligible to guide five students for Ph.D.

ii. Associate Professor with total eight years of teaching experience with Ph.D. will be eligible to guide four students for Ph.D.

The Number of seats for Ph.D. will depend on the availability of suitable candidates but it will not exceed 10 students in an academic year.